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Hope for Shattered Hearts, Pastoral Counseling

I offer what is known as Inner Healing and Prayer Ministry based on the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry.

It is very similar to Cognitive Behavioral Counseling (CBT), based on the concept that “what harms an individual is not what happens to a person, but what the person believes about him or herself that causes the most harm.”

Example: When a young child is molested, it is the child’s belief that “it was my fault” that causes the most damage, more so than the actual abuse because the body heals, but the child’s soul does not

Pastoral counseling is the healing process for the soul, using biblical principles that have been shown to work. In addition, I integrate psychology and Christianity to help an individual received healing for both the soul and the mind.

What is Pastoral Sex Counseling?

Glad you asked!  Let’s start by saying that sex is one of the most misunderstood areas of relationship counseling.  Pastoral Sex Counseling consists of three parts:  Christianity, Sexuality, and Counseling.  I believe that God made us be sensual and sexual beings.  After all, the largest organ we have is our skin.  He made us want to be in a relationship and made us in His image.  Sexuality is more than intercourse.  Our sexuality is perceived in the way we respect our bodies, respect others, in how we bond with friends and family, and in how we connect with our significant other.  Our sexuality is linked to our mental and spiritual health.  Therefore, when emotional, physical, or mental challenges appear, they can be overwhelming; and affect our ability to be intimately connected.  As a Christian Pastoral Counselor, I strive to help individuals feel safe and comfortable dealing with difficulties of an intimate sexual nature.

The following are some of the various sexual difficulties that I help clients with:

• Low sexual desire, or conflicts over different desire levels
• Female Sexual addiction or compulsivity
• Past sexual abuse
• Affair recovery

What happens in a pastoral counseling session?

I offer Tele Mental Pastoral Counseling in the comfort of your home. My goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where you can discuss difficulties that have not been resolved previously.  Because every individual is unique, I strive to discover what is most comfortable for you.  Change may be evident after a couple of sessions, or after a number of sessions.  What is important to understand is that healing takes time.  I am not a magician, and cannot fix anyone. However, I can help you figure out what you need to do to recover from the emotional baggage that you have been carrying for some time. Therefore, patience and commitment to change must be developed.  Restoration is a labor of love.

I use HIPPA compliant software to guarantee your confidentiality. I also guarantee that on my end, your confidentiality is protected. Your responsibility is to be able to have a computer monitor with a working video and microphone, iPad, tablet, or mobile phone that allows you to use the software necessary to have a session. You need to be in a private location, so what you say cannot be overheard. There are also forms that you can download, fill-in and send to me via email.

Who can benefit from Christian pastoral sex counseling?

Christian pastoral sex counseling is for women who have a concern about their sexuality.  If a woman feels trapped, frustrated, confused, or dissatisfied with her sex life, this may be of value.  Women often avoid counseling because they do not know what to expect; I invite you to contact me and discuss your concerns and see if pastoral sexual counseling would be a good fit for you.


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