Wounded Heart

Adult Survivors’ Group
Women (25-65)


Support Group for Women who have experienced sexual abuse, as children or adults.

According to Allender (2008), “quick cures never resolve the deep damage caused by sexual abuse.”  Quick cures are temporary bandages that do not last.  The purpose of this group is to offer a place of safety, strength, and hope for women to face, confront and deal with the pain, memories, and grief of their sexual abuse experience.  The purpose of this group helps women become victors not merely survivors.  The group runs from mid – September to mid- May.  It is a closed group, limited to six participants.  Two therapists will act as facilitator and co-facilitator.

Every member will be individually screened and assessed as a good fit for the group. In addition, personal therapy is encouraged while attending the group.  Group therapy is not a substitute for individual therapy.

If you are interested please call: 470-270-9268 or email:  pjwhalen22@icloud.com