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Patricia Jackson Whalen

Does it feel like you are crawling out of your skin, and don’t know why? Let me help you. I am a Christian Counselor specializing in working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), domestic violence, and trauma. As a survivor of CSA, I am able to relate to my client’s pain with compassion and understanding. I am also a Sex Therapist and work with couples dealing with infidelity and other sexual problems. My personal philosophy is that people are wounded in relationship and that it is in a relationship where the greatest healing occurs.


Terapia en español. Soy terapeuta cristiana que especializa en ayudar a sobrevivientes de abuso sexual, violencia doméstica y trauma. También soy terapeuta sexual y ayudo a parejas que se encuentran con la infidelidad y otros problemas sexuales.


Specializing in: Christian Sex Therapy, Couples Counseling, Infidelity, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Domestic Violence, and Trauma. I am bi-lingual (English/Spanish) and understand the difficulties that other cultures face trying to fit into the American way of life. I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation.

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What is Christian Sex Therapy?

 Glad you asked!  Let’s start by saying that sex is one of the most misunderstood areas of relationship counseling.  Christian Sex Therapy consists of three parts:  Christianity, Sexuality, and Counseling.  I believe that God made us be sensual and sexual beings.  After all, the largest organ we have is our skin.  He made us want to be in a relationship and made us in His image.  Sexuality is more than intercourse.  Our sexuality is perceived in the way we respect our bodies, respect others, in how we bond with friends and family, and in how we connect with our significant other.  Our sexuality is linked to our mental and spiritual health.  Therefore, when emotional, physical, or mental challenges appear, they can be overwhelming; and affect our ability to be intimately connected.  As a sex therapist who is also Christian, I strive to help individuals feel safe and comfortable dealing with difficulties of an intimate sexual nature.

The following are some of the various sexual difficulties that I help clients with:

  • Low sexual desire, or conflicts over different desire levels
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Unconsummated marriage
  • Female sexual pain
  • Sexual addiction or compulsivity
  • Past sexual abuse
  • Affair recovery

What happens in a session?

In a session, my goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where you (and your partner) can discuss difficulties that have not been resolved at home.  Because every individual and/or couple is unique, I strive to discover what is most comfortable for you.  Change may be evident after a couple of sessions, or after a number of sessions.  What is important to understand is that healing takes time.  Therefore, patience and commitment to change must be developed.  Restoration is a labor of love.

Who can benefit from sex therapy?

Sex therapy is for couples, singles, or anyone who has a concern about their sexuality.  If a person or a couple feels trapped, frustrated, confused, or dissatisfied with their sex life, this may be of value.  Individuals and couples often avoid counseling because they do not know what to expect; I invite you to come and talk about your concerns and see if sex therapy would be a good fit for you.

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any form of sexual violence, including rape, child molestation, incest, and similar forms of non-consensual sexual contact. Sexual abuse of children, adolescents, and adults is a significant mental health concern.

What kind of therapy is used for survivors of sexual abuse?

Because individuals are unique, therapy will be tailored to each client. My desire is to help each client find his or her way to healing. The path we will embark on will be one where you can feel safe and protected. You have been through a great deal of pain in the past. Therefore, it is time to deal with your past, so the pain does not continue to harm you. Secrets can only hurt you as long as they are kept hidden. Once you have shard your deepest secrets with someone who understands and knows what to do to help you, the sting gets removed. The pain becomes a memory like a photo in a album. You will never forget what happened to you, but it will be only that…a memory. Much will depend on your willingness to trust me and your motivation to be healed. "When the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same, healing will take place.” (Unknown)

Group Therapy

Group therapy has been recognized as instrumental in helping survivors find healing and overcome the challenges that survivors are left to face after their abuse.
Studies show that survivors of sexual abuse benefit from participating in group therapy because every member of the group is also a survivor. The delicate nature (the memories and painful events) of these groups provides a safe place for members to talk about their experiences, often for the very first time, with other survivors. Groups offer survivors a place to openly discuss what they lived through in an environment of support. Groups empower individuals by validating their feelings and cutting through the secrecy of shame that they have lived with most of their lives. This experience can be very empowering for survivors because they realize that they are not alone. Groups offer hope because they come to understand that “if others have survived, I can too.”

 Wounded Heart

Adult Survivors’ Group Women (25-65)   Support Group for Women who have experienced sexual abuse, as children or adults. According to Allender (2008), “quick cures never resolve the deep damage caused by sexual abuse.”  Quick cures are temporary bandages that do not last.  The purpose of this group is to offer a place of safety, strength, and hope for women to face, confront and deal […]

Threshold of Hope

Adolescent Survivor’s Group Girls (14 – 16)   The purpose of this group is to help adolescent recover from sexual trauma and abuse.  The group is limited to four participants and lasts 8 weeks.  It is recommended that participants be involved in individual therapy prior to joining the group, as well as while attending the group. Every member will be individually screened and assessed as […]

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